I was born in Hamburg, Germany. Erich Wessel, my father, was a well known painter in the local art scene. Like many children I drew and sketched a lot. When I turned seven my father gave me a small oil color box, a palette and brushes, and I was allowed to paint my first oil picture in his studio: A still life with an orange, an apple, and nuts.

This was the moment he taught me the importance of observing my motive: “Look very closely, and you will see what you have to do.“ An incentive that has stayed with me since then. He never gave me lessons in the traditional sense, but he always explained to me why he painted something the way he did, and what his intention was.

That way he showed me a possible path, yet still left me the liberty to tread my own. I was able to make my own discoveries and advance on my own. Later on I realized how important that pedagogic idea is. I offer these lessons to my students and am filled with joy when I see them making their own discoveries.

Paintings of mine are privately and publicly owned in Austria, Italy, and Germany.

For more information on my work and sale prices, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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